About Us


MoNo Apparel was born in Universitas Gadjah Mada as business plan and e-marketing assignments. Initially, the concept was developed as cycling apparel.

In 2009, MoNo Apparel concept was brought into a wider scope, which basically to create a business model that develop more synergy between students in the university. It’s a business of the students, by the students and for the students.

Therefore, we gain partnership with the university to produce and design authorized university apparel and merchandise and to distribute them via our online store and the university merchandise shops. We also create opportunity for students to experience the real business process by joining our part-time employment.

Furthermore, we support student’s movement through student organizations by participating in seminars, sponsorships, and other university events.

Embracing students, alumnies, and universities to create positive synergy for the society through quality apparel.
To develop and produce superb apparel and merchandise by implementing decent designs.
To support students' lifestyle by providing seminars, sponsorships and job opportunities.
To promote universities through partnerships and endorsements.
To be closer to our customer by providing an interactive online store.
To develop our business activities by embedding knowledge & skills, and empowering society.